About Em


If you’re here, it’s probably to gauge why you should read my blog.  Who is this lunatic anyway?, you may catch yourself thinking.  Well…

I’m a girl who runs A. Lot.  You could say it’s my jam.  You could also say I’m addicted.  I also really enjoy travel and photography.  I run and explore, and generally try to enjoy life to the fullest!  I’m married to a man who knows my addiction to running and everything it adds to my life, and he supports it fully…  Even so far as to take it up himself.

I am part of two wonderful groups of runners, Pain by Numbers running group and Team RWB.  These amazing athletes inspire, support, and drive me to achieve every day- in running and life.  If running is my drug, these people are my pushers and suppliers. And I never want to get off this ride.


I’m no world class runner.  I’m everyday awesome, though.  I struggle, some times I fail, but I keep going forward.  I may not hold the secret to Boston Qualifying on the first try, but I do know how to make a run an adventure, or how to turn those devastating runs into manageable training for the next one. My goal may not be Olympics-bound…  But it’s still a powerful one: to enjoy a healthy life and to achieve my goals.  I consider it an honor if I inspire others to achieve their goals as well.

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My Goals:

2014 – PR the Marathon – ACHIEVED!
2015 – Boston Qualify
– NOPE 😦
2016 – 12 marathons/ultras in 12 months – ACHIEVED!
2017 – Build up speed / get back with the running group
2018 – Boston Qualify or 50 mile race

So keep coming back to read the adventures, share the laughs of an awkward life, and to (hopefully) be inspired to challenge yourself to do and be more in each moment!



4 thoughts on “About Em

  1. Great to share the trail with you at the DAWG … really, I rarely fall on trails! You have October open on you calendar … may I suggest you consider doing the 50K at Cloudsplitter … it starts in Elkhorn City, KY … and runs along the border with Virginia in the Pine Mountains … you will have a LOT to blog about, photograph etc.

    The CS was recognized by TrailRunner Magazine as an “epic bucket list trail run” … way out of my league … where growth is probable.


    1. E. H. Freman

      Randy! Thanks for stopping by the page!
      I completely understand the falling – gravity was being particularly cruel that day. You handled it woth grace. 😉
      October is a difficult month for me to find a race in (shocking, i know, since its main race season). I am the “fast” runner on a relay team for the Bourbon Chase Relay, which takes place in october (the weekend of the 16th) and the team captain has already vetoed numerous race ideas. I will give cloudsplitter a look, but i almost guaruntee that it is not the race for me.
      Take care!


    1. E. H. Freman

      One of my friends did the full in Seattle last year, also in a fat suit, and she had so much fun! I’m really looking forward to this!


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