41st Straight Street Hill Climb

It was a pretty good morning to hit the start line for the 41st running of the straight street hill climb.

Man, does a36% incline hill make 0.3 miles seem longer.

It was chilly, but not as cold as predicted. Just cold enough to make sure everyone left with the straight street cough. I never realized how badly exhaustion affected my running until the last three months working changing shifts weekly. It has taken a toll on my sleep and my eating rhythms… by destroying them… but i really felt it the last couple of days out running. And on this run.

There hasnt been a year that i didn’t have to walk some part of the hill, but this year was more walk than run. I’d feel more ashamed, except that i was just so damn proud that i got out for it. Despite the walk, i still managed 3rd in my wicked-large age division (20-34).

I stuck around to watch Minh give a shot at the bike-run-run challenge. Glad i didnt sign up for that – though now i think i may actually train and try for a good result next year in the run… and bring along a bike to do the bike race too. Buuuuuut, i dont know.

Next up for me? Well – i accidentally… uh…. last minute decided i wanted another marathon, and signed up to run jacksonville in December. I’ll be able to knock FL off my 50 states goal, have a laid-back marathon, and enjoy a family vacation with the in-laws as we visit my husbands grandmother and aunt with his brother and mom. I am unreasonably excited about this trip!

Enjoy the photos, and stay warm and bright in your winter runs!


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