I’m Trying

As race season officially starts here in Cincinnati, I am struggling with my running.


I mean, I want to run – but forcing myself out for the time is harder than it was before.  I think I blew out my motivation last year with the marathon a month running.  I’m also in this awkward phase of getting used to a travel-based job where I cannot get myself out of bed on the two days I do get to sleep past 0430AM to meet anyone to run.


Oh, right, yeah…. my husband reminds me that I also woke up this morning muttering disjointedly about how, “This *expletive* I.T. band feels like it’s pulling my *expletive* bone to shards”.

So I have that going for me too….  as I face the first race of 2017 – a half marathon that my company is footing the bill for.  It’s one of the races that fell out of my favor a couple years ago because the group in charge is a bit…awful…  Course changes, date changes, cost flux, arguing with the racers…  I wouldn’t run it otherwise, but it’s free, and I want to race.

Buuuuut.  I don’t want to race.

Doesn’t make sense?   Heh, welcome to my life.

Back when the weather was in the 60s and pretty good for getting out and running, you know, like two days ago, signing up for this race seemed like a good idea.  I signed up more than two days ago…  while my IT band was still pretty bad, but I figured that since I was actually getting up to 10 miles and not hitting that painful moment where I just cannot push through… I thought, “maybe it’ll be better by race day…three weeks from now…”

It’s race weekend.  The weather is destined for the low 20s at start line….typical spring in Cincinnati…  IMG_8852

And although the pain is different from how it was back then, it’s a whole different level of discomfort – ie: it feels like the tendon and muscles are tearing from the bone.  It’s… it’s a new level of  ouch.  And I can run on it… and have been doing some exercises that a friend at the running store told me to add in.  Some weight lifting, when I am home or the hotel has a gym that’s worth something have also made a big impact.

Right now, looking toward tomorrow morning though?  I figure my big race strategy will be to run out like I normally do, hold on until I can no longer move my leg, and then freeze until my brother from another mother roles up to carry me while I hold his flag.

If things go well, which… honestly, who knows?  I’ll finish fine and either hang out while my husband does the 5k, or try to hobble the 5k along with him.  Afterward.  Clean up somewhere and then come back a couple hours later to celebrate with the coworkers – the majority of which are doing the 5k walk at noon.  Man, I want this injury to end so I can just run.  Run fun and run fast and, when I hit new places, just go exploring for as long as I can when I have the time.

Go away injury….. go away.


Everyone.  Pray for the death of my injury and the return of fun running.  Oh, and for a bout 10 more degrees of warmth for the start line tomorrow!




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