Sunset Chasers

I chase sunsets. 

Sunrises too, but I like stars, and its a bonus to be able to watch them come to view as everything darkens around me. 

Sometimes i chase with my running.  Sometimes i follow them by car – until i find a good spot to stop and watch. 

But i do stop. 

I still. 

And i watch. 

I let darkness wrap me up from behind and i breathe deep.   I let the world fall away, and me with it. Until there is nothing but the sun, the moon, and the stars. 

I guess i lean more toward sunsets over sunrises because i used to work evenings and nights, and it was always easier for me to see one over the other.  

Lately I see both all the time. More than just being winter and the two are reasonably close to each other in timing. I wake up early to run, and work tends to keep me out past night fall.

My last run, yesterday in Flowood Mississippi, took a longer time than normal, because i stopped and zoned out for so long, staring at the stars in the sky and then watching the clouds slowly glow whiter and whiter as the sun started to break the horizon. 

It was wonderful. 

Just like tonight’s sunset. 

A random, old guy once told me, (unsolicited) when I first started really getting into photography, that the only worthwhile sunsets were in the spring and the fall – bc there would always be clouds, and clouds made the scene beautiful. 

I’ll admit, its cool to see the light refracted into all the shades and splashed across the sky like a paint spill – the glowing gold edges that illuminate the linings of each darkening purple or gray or red cloud. Its fun to catch sight of a sundog reflecting the sun back to itself, or a small rainbow spilling off a cloud, without the rain.  

But i think every sunset (and sunrise) is best. Because it means you can see the sun. Unlike a rainy day, when its hidden and you only notice that its suddenly dark. 

Its cool to see the beams of light rising off the sun, even if the sky is nothing but various shades of blue – ranging from near – white to deepest dark. Not necessarily dynamic enough to always warrant a photo, sure. But worth taking the moment to watch all the same. 

But then, I am memorized by the clearest blue sky, and sometimes try to see if i can capture all those blue hues – to stare at on the grayest of winter days. 

That I sometimes miss a turn during a run or stop entirely just to… watch the clear sky. Because its perfect. The only perfect thing we’ve got. Even when its raging in a storm, it remains beautiful…

Its beautiful when you’re in the sky too. 



Enjoy a sunset.  Or a sunrise. Clouds or not.  


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