The 2016 Goal Results Page

2016 goal:

For the year 2016, I set out  to run a marathon(+) each month.  (No reason, just a personal accomplishment thing).  I actually managed it – despite having to do a few on my own around town (The challenge was to do the distances, not afford to do them – it would have been very expensive to do a real race every month).  In the end, I managed 12 marathons or ultras in the 12 months (Injury caused me to accept that I needed a month off) and I qualified for platinum marathon maniac!  See the break down of the year by following this link

  • January:        Pistol  ultra 50k   (-turned 55k.  Hamstring injury.  Rough day.  I was not happy with this race this year)
  • February:     Solo run ( with witnesses Around my neighborhood, with friends jumping in and out for a few miles at a time.  Great weather!  Good run)
  • March:          Asheville marathon (Half pave, half vineyard mud roads – all torrential downpour.  The rain killed my garmin and ipod, but not me!)
  • April:             Derby marathon (Another soaker.  Good time, despite holding back- and stomach issues)IMG_6772.jpg
  • May:              . (Same weekend as the Derby, humid, but awesome! No injuries!)IMG_6797
  • June:              Dawg Gone Long Run 50k (trail, felled trees, hot, so much fun)
  • Also June: Solo “mini-ultra” with Minh (We ran from my house to Hyde Park, Cincinnati and stopped for burgers.  It was hot, humid, bright, and a little terrible, but we both had a blast.  A week later, I’d sign up and run the 50k out of the blue.)
  • July:               Eagle creek urban trail marathon (Trail, one tree down, significant back injury going in – still placed 1st in age group!)
  • August:          Private solo run  (Changed goal to 12 marathons+ in one year and took this month to recover from back injury)
  • September:  Beat the Blerch Marathon (Paced Minh to his PR and managed 5th over all in women, and 3rd in age group – not like that mattered at this race, but still…)
  • October:        Pacing Jim on his triple iron man (Ran 20 as coach for the running group, then paced my friend for 10 more miles overall)
  • November:   Route 66 Marathon (Wanted 4:30 for the whole distance, including “center of universe detour” – and nailed it!  Felt really strong until mile 19, and was running strong…then the wheels fell off.)
  • December:    Solo run/walk (Lingering injury caused a drop out from the Jackson 50/50 at start of month, and made my final attempt on the 31st into a walking marathon – full of tears, gasps of pain, and advil.  But I finished it and kicked 2016 in the ass as it left)


At the start of 2017 – I have been trying to beat this injury that has grounded me.  But I’m hoping to get back in the running game and be strong again by spring!


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