Day Break and the Rough Run

The sky was exploding.  Before me. All around me.  

The color consumed me as it inspired me. 

Darkness that gripped the waking day was burned off in the brightest of oranges.  It didn’t just tint the sky, it consumed it and blazed across it.  Even the humidity was singed orange, giving the world a hazed orange atmosphere. 

Photo by Jim White

I was ready to run, and happy to be able to.  Until mile 3, when breathing in the thick, humid air and the heat weighed in on me and the run took a turn toward suffer-fest.  It never reached full-suffer fest, though.  Just…  I felt like it would. My chest tightened, and my breathing felt hard.  It was about a 9 mile /mile pace, what is basically an “easy” pace for me, yet I still found myself struggling hard through the last three miles.  I distracted myself by talking about horro movies, and upcoming races, and the heroin epidemic. But I couldn’t draw enough air to keep talking easily.  Anyone who has run with me knows if one thing comes easy to me in life, its talking.   

We kept our pace solid and consistent. Kept the conversation going, despite huffing and grasping fir breathable air amongst the humidity.  I joked at one point that, “I always wondered what it would feel like to shove a hot, moist towel down my throat and trying to breath around it would feel like.”

We dodged…  Horse shit?  (Seriously. Hirse shit. Along our whole run route.  What the hell?) 

I managed to bring the training group in strong, but felt a bit uneasy as my body tried to settle after that effort.  Its hard to describe, the discomfort that tells you, “This run nees to end”.  But I had it, full force. Had this been a marathon, with me feeling that rough for only 8 miles, I would have dropped out. I don’t know why it was so rough for me, but there it was. 

I was fine for my boxing session about two hours later, though. Some strength skills and then a couple rounds on techniques.   Its feeling good to shake off the cowebs from my fighting skill and actually use this fitness again. 

As for the horse shit?   

Apparently some random-ass dude is riding his horse around town on this hot day. 

Tomorrow I race a 5k.  The first one in almost a full year and a half. 

Its good to have personality and character again.  


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