The Secret of Flight

We’ve all heard that saying… that flying is just leaping toward the ground and missing.

We’ve all also likely heard that Irish Blessing:
Go n-éirí an bóthar leat
Or, in English,
“May the road rise up to meet you.”

A blessing that wishes ease and luck between meetings.

As a runner, I find that having the road rise up to meet you isn’t really all that lucky.

Saturday, within the first quarter mile of the 12 mile training run for the running store, I took a nose-dive while running up hill.

First was the realization that I was sliding after I hit the ground.
Second came the pain.
Third, as everyone around me stopped to help me up and check on me, the embarrassment.

I don’t know why I became so embarrassed.  I mean, it’s not like no one else has ever fallen on a run.  Hell.  This marks the first fall for me in a little over two years, really.  Though, Probably the worst.  My legs are much …uh… bonier, it seems, than the last time I fell.  The side of my knee and the ankle both hit hard and burned hatefully as I tried to get back into a running gait that didn’t cause pain to the knee.

I don’t know where this karma is coming at me from, readers, but for some reason I am the gawd-damn embodiment of worst case scenario on these training runs.  Between the heart issue, the seized up back, and now, this crash out…  The group I’m coaching must be wondering just why the hell they should be listening to me.

Fall down, go boom, get Ouched.

I try to brush it off as being “battle-ready”.  I bleed in training so I won’t bleed in battle… kind of thing…  sort of.  Yeah.  That.

In my defense, I do manage to run well on race day.  So maybe I’m just terrible at training.  Training isn’t when you want to hit it out of the park or give your all, all the time….  The running store owner keeps making a big point about that: that you want to train smart and be able to perform at top ability on race day.  Maybe that’s what I subconsciously do.

I mean, I’ve had suffer-fest runs.  And I’ve had brilliant, confidence-boosters.  And I’ve had races that felt like they were falling apart around me … and I still took an age group award, or finished better than I felt I would.  I’ve always hit one of the goals I went into the race with.

A Good example of a race I felt falling apart around me, and an unexpected outcome: 3rd in age group

Maybe I’m here to show everyone that you don’t have to be a lithe, graceful cheetah or butterfly to achieve things in fitness.  Even us uncoordinated ostriches can pull some amazing runs out of our butts.  Even a panda, with panda asthma, can become the Dragon Warrior  (Kung Fu Panda, anyone?  Anyone?  Loosely based on my life. Loosely).

So go out there and get after your fitness goals, your health goals, your hopes and dreams… and don’t worry about how you look going after them…don’t worry about the stumbles and the unsure footing.  Just get at it.  TRY.  And maybe in trying, you’ll find something that clicks and gets you there.  Maybe in trying, you’ll become a doer.

Another unexpected outcome, after showing up to a race with a mild case of the flu…yes…I didn’t know that’s what was wrong at the time.  Still placed.  2nd in Age Group, along with my Friend Char, who was also pretty sickly feeling that day too.

Thanks for the read.



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