I Leave Roadkill in my Wake


A while back, I celebrated the first day of my new career by heading out for a pre-dawn tempo run around the neighborhood.  Somewhere between dodging around a woman walking a small yapping dog and the fuzz and blurr of not quite being awake, I startled a small rabbit.  The way it took off put it right in my path, and I guess I was moving at a good clip, because I kicked it.  The ball of fuzz scooted ahead of me a little and then hopped to the grass where it sat high in the yard and glared at me.  I think it was more indignant over the whole thing than I was startled.

And that’s how it started.

A couple days later I ran two miles at 5k race pace (Still not as fast as I was at last year…this distance stuff this year must really be wearing me out) after work.  I shot down the sidewalk and in this part of town there are all these little lizard things everywhere.  They scurried across the sidewalk ahead of me or up walls beside me.  Until one tried to outrun me, and I stepped on it’s head.
I’m fairly certain they don’t grow that part back.

“Most runners don’t go fast enough to leave roadkill.”  My husband laughed at me as I told him about the lizard.
“You know what the difference is between joggers and runners?  Joggers find dead bodies, runners make them.”  He joked hours later as I relayed the story to my friends.

Now my friends have placed bets on what type of animal I’ll end up “kicking” (unintentionally harming) on one of my runs this week.  So far, nothing has fallen victim to my speed workouts…  but I’ve also had to take most of a week off completely.
Days feel so much more empty without a run.

Somewhere between running in contaminated shoes, changing to a much older pair that felt a little funky while running, a new job where dress shoes are common, and my typical injury-prone, lameness I managed to develop a whole new, nasty pain in the bottom of my foot.

Ugh!  I swear I could remember every marathon I ran by what part of me decided to break or hurt during training or just afterward.

Which, sounds awful.  But really, we’re always walking injured…Every. Single.  One of us. something always hurts or twinges.  My Dad always said that he’s sure he’s still alive because something hurts.  When he wakes up and nothing hurts anymore, then he’ll know he’s no longer living.   We are not without some aches or pains in our lives.  At least I earned mine.

I’ve recovered pretty…(I was going to say solidly, but as I”m typing this I’m actually feeling the pain a bit)…uh..good (?)… and gotten back into the swing of the training…um…”plan”.
The positive from the running injury is that it has forced me to actually cross train.  I’m getting some hours on the bike in now as well.

Also, on SUPER AWESOME news:  I’m coaching for marathon running at a local running store!  It’s so great, readers!  Its inspiring, and I’m learning a lot from the store owner while taking these great runners out to work toward their goals.  I’m always pretty worried that I’ll be off on the pacing and someone will get upset about it, or that I’ll have a bad run and never be allowed to coach again, but so far things have worked out really well!   There aren’t many in the pace group I’m coaching (9-9:20), and the ones that are there are all experienced runners looking to improve times or build back up to the marathon with some company.  I’m having a blast out there.

Also, also.  My shoes are no longer contaminated.  I’m mostly recovered from the poison ivy.

Race-wise I’ve got the Eagle Creek Urban Trail Marathon in a couple of weeks, and I still need an August marathon…  In October, I may be signing up for a 12- hour endurance run put on by the same club that hosted the Dawg Gone.  I know that the group will take good care of the runners, and that they really know what they’re doing.  And, in case you’re wondering, the race has my Husband’s (tentative) approval.  Which is essentially approval.    The downfall is that it’s located in a city that I vowed I’d never run in again…  oh!  Another downfall: It’s the same weekend that my friend is trying to do a triple Ironman distance on his own.  I could always try to get my marathon distance in by pacing with him…  And I’d rather see his goal achieved…


And that’s my running lately.  Pretty good.  A bit sore.  Sometimes fast enough to catch a rabbit.  Always an adventure.


Hey readers!  I’ve also set up a Facebook page for the site.  Feel free to follow me and participate in training discussions, motivating each other, and sharing advice over at She Runs This Town on Facebook.    Thanks!




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