Soap Suds and Ivy

Just a quick post tonight.

I’m trying to tighten up the recap of the Dawg Gone Long Run 50k.  It was a long race, and a lot happened.  I even had some really brilliant realizations about life, the universe and …uh…  wait.  That’s a book…  No.  Um…  I had some pretty deep thoughts about what was going on with my life, and with the running.  I want to share them.

Basically, it’s a long write-up…and I since I’ve cut out what I could, I want to make sure what’s left is smooth, flowing, and entertaining so you won’t realize exactly how long the post is.

For now, I’m adjusting to a new work schedule, and running at different times of the day.  I had a 3 mile run at “race pace” on the schedule.  Apparently, after a 50k and with the tell-tale signs of plantar fasciitis starting to burn in the left foot again, “race pace” means 23minutes 13 seconds.  eh.  I’ll take it.  I remember when I struggled to get that pace.  Oh. And I kicked a bunny on that run.

First. I am not making that up.  Second.  I think I was more shocked than the bunny, and it was more put out.   It wasn’t on purpose, it just … Happened. I don’t know if it is an omen.. Or whether it is a good or bad one, but there it is.

My 5 mile “easy run” was after work the next day.  I managed to roll out the aches from the plantar, so it must not be as bad as it was starting to feel on the day before.  My husband was on board to run three of the miles with me, but when he realized he’d have to wait in the car while I did two more, he chose to run the whole distance.  He’s really improving!  But I could do without the “bitchy” huffing noises and the angry-sounding growls when I make us take a hill.  It’s called training, dude.  You knew what you were marrying.


I also broke out in a poison ivy reaction…and seeing as the only poison ivy I rolled in over the last eight years was on Saturday’s trail race, I came to an annoying conclusion:  My running shoes are covered in poison ivy oils.  Guys.  These are new shoes!  I’ve barely had them over a week!  They still smelled so new!  I haven’t even thrown out the shoe box yet!  Damn.  I guess I can’t return them now…  Haha!  I’m kidding!  I was loving these shoes.

On the list of things that I never expected would be a “thing” when I took up running for fitness, fun, and life: Washing poison ivy out of my shoes.

I’ve scrubbed them pretty intensely with dawn soap…but now I have a new problem…

How do I get dawn soap out of my shoes so that I’m not squelching soap suds out on my runs for the next few weeks?

So? I’m also wondering:
What’s a random thing that you never expected you’d be doing when you became a ‘runner’? (Or got into fitness)



3 thoughts on “Soap Suds and Ivy

  1. Ain’t nobody got time to be trashing new shoes. I would have washed them too!

    I never thought I would be wearing a GPS watch. Nothing major, just before I got into running as a sport I never cared about pace.

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    1. E. H. Freman

      I know right!? These were shaping up to be great shoes too! Still washing them out.

      Wearing a watch was pretty much the first thing i knew would happen to me!

      Thanks for sharing!


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