Run the Earth

I have felt the earth turn from the soles of my feet
I have watched the rising of the sun,
as it chased me across the land

I have heard the stars spark to life in the black

I have bathed in the mud and streams

Of the wooded paths

I have cried and  I have bled

I have experienced the victories

and the growth in failures

I have forged friendships

More sturdy than diamonds

More beautiful, by far

But made through a like process

I have watched rainbows spark and fade within the droplets of my own sweat.

My name has been uttered

With hushed awe to compare

to the animal kingdom



I have been deemed “Intense”

By people who never tried

to understand the why

My life is lived

By locomotion

under my own power

I am a runner

And I run this Earth


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