Roses in the Sun

When my Mom died, I decided to plant a little flower garden for her. To fill it with all her favorite flowers.
Things got shaky….ah…. Ridiculously bad for me soon after, and the plan went on the back burner. But I did go out and plant a rose, large and pink (as the photo and description on the dull brown stem depicted) Mom’s favorite flower and color.

Mom was a devout believer in God and all the trappings. She always prayed, and she would ask for a rose as a sign that her prayers were answered. I enjoyed sending her roses as often as I could, because I wanted whatever she was praying for to always come true… Or, I at least wanted her to believe it.

Anyway. Roses had to be part of the plan. And hummingbirds. And lilac.

Mom’s Lilac at Dad’s House

In the midst of hard times and extreme stress, I managed to pick up a windmill shaped like a hummingbird, and this rose stem. I planted the rose in the garden my we jokingly call “Dante’s Garden” (after our dog).  Our dog spends days rooting and digging around this flower bed, napping and crushing plants…and every spring, this garden blooms bigger and faster than any other flower bed in our yard.

Proud Garden Dog

It’s the perfect fit, after all, having moms garden be in Dante’s garden. She loved that dog. He loved her. Who wouldn’t want a doggy gardener?

The rose grew scary big.  About three times the size of the plain, thorny stem I planted back in March.  Bigger than any other rose I planted at this house. And then it bloomed. Big. Beautiful. And bright pink.

The rest of the blooming flowers in the bed have gone to seed and are done for the year. This rose is a welcome splash of color, and I want nothing more than to pick a bloom and take it to mom….show it off… Listen to her coo over it, because she would love it, and then know that deep in her heart she felt a prayer was being answered.

There’s no showing it off to my mom…  Not anymore.  But it’s nice to think of how much she’d love this plant.

Things have settled down for me finally.   A resolution has finally come, and in my favor to top it (meaning I “won”).  It means that I get to go on with my life, and get back to enjoying things.  And.  I think it’s time to really get in and build up this garden I share with my dog in memory of a woman who loved to admire pretty flowers.



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