Follow up to Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday I posted about my first workout in a crossfit box.

The post resounded in many different ways among my friends, readers, and some crossfitters.  As a result there were a number of talking points made on my facebook page with regards to working out while pregnant, how ‘free Saturday workouts” are a bad idea for crossfit boxes, diets, and the presence of injury among crossfit practitioners.

One friend even asked, “If you meet a crossfitter on paleo, what do they talk to you about first?

The only thing that wasn’t brought up until I mentioned it was that I was forced to do a workout while somewhere nearby some bakery was pumping delicious smells of doughnuts baking into this workout space.  And after the work out, NO ONE told me where that damn bakery was.

It was also pointed out by a couple of people that I came across as very negative toward crossfit.

Based on the conversations, I figured something should be cleared up:

It was/is not my intention to “put down” or come across negatively about crossfit.  If it’s working for you, then it’s working for you!  I only meant to write up some things that stuck out to me as interesting or strange, and even funny about my trip to this workout space.

So if I put anyone off because my humor didn’t come across in yesterday’s post, I do apologize.  However, I found it very interesting the amount of conversation, and the span of topics, that were brought up because of that post.  So I’m going to leave the post as-is.  I want to be able to start those kinds of discussions with my writing.  I just want it known that I am for fitness.  As long as you’re pursuing it in a healthy manner, any fitness!  Go for it!  I don’t want to dissuade anyone from going into a fitness routine just because I wrote sarcastically about it.   I hope that I use this same kind of humor as I write about my running too.

Thanks for reading!  And thanks to everyone for the responses, the conversation, the great questions, and for making me feel like I’m helping to inspire people to goals of fitness.




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