Things that Happened While I Wasn’t Running

This past week there wasn’t a lot of running for me.  Which, honestly, is kind of a nice change.  I enjoy the drop-off of training after a big race…  Until I don’t enjoy it any more.  I get antsy and grumpy, fidget more, get the “haven’t been running pangs” in my hamstring and knees.  And I start feeling fat.

So appropriate on many levels.

Running isn’t going to pick up as quickly this time around though.  My Achillies, which was not one of the parts of me that hurt going into the double marathon weekend, came out inflamed and a little swollen.  It does not like going down stairs, or, as I discovered yesterday, running down hill.  I’ve got a pretty wicked knot at the base of my calf, where the tendon attaches, and likely some very specific foam roller attention will break that up and ease the hurt… but… eh.  I’m not so good at doing what I’m supposed to.  I really should be though, given the challenge of miles I’m putting in this year…  And since now that spring is warming up, I’m dreaming about faster running:  Sprinting, and 5k races that I can compete in, and actually doing the speed work “they” say is necessary for a good marathon.

So what have I been doing while thinking about running?

A lot of wandering around with the dog.  Taking him for hikes and whatnot.  Loooong walks.  Though, we can blame the new Garmin GPS watch for the longer walking.

Back in March, almost immediately after the Asheville Marathon (Which was a downpour, you’ll recall) my Garmin Forerunner 610 died of low battery….and then never woke up.  We got home and I plugged it into the charger.  It always had issues connecting and taking a charge, but this was worse.  I blew on the contacts, wiggled the watch around, and set it on the counter carefully once it woke up and beeped to signify that it connected and was at 0% battery, but charging!  I left it to unpack and do laundry.  The watch beeped and buzzed constantly for a few hours.  Long enough that we managed to finally ignore it outright…so who knows when it gave up the fight and died again.  Checking the watch a couple days later, it was blank and wouldn’t connect.

We tried multiple charging wall plugs, but nothing worked.

Eventually, I gave up and ordered a new watch.  Enter Garmin Forerunner 225.  This sucker is bossy!  Throughout the day it tells me to “MOVE!” and it expects a certain amount of steps out of me and all kind of BS.  How do I program, “I’m not moving too well right now” into this thing?

I kid.  This watch has actually been quite fun!  It beeps happily when I run.  It buzzes happy little notifications when I run a longer distance or faster mile or 5k.  Heh.  I laughed hard when it buzzed “2 miles!  Longest run!”  It thinks my fastest mile is 6:55 and my fastest 5k is 22:38.  hahaha.  Hold on, Garmin.  I’m about to blow your circuit-brain this year!  Hahahaha!

I have to say that this watch is working.  At night, when I’m a few hundred steps from the assigned daily goal, I do some repeats of the stairs between the living room and the upstairs, and throw in some chin ups on the bar in the doorway to my office.   My husband was the one who off-handedly suggested we do the stairs…and he has taken to joining me on this.  Grumbling, mind you, but doing it all the same.  He got a little too grumpy about the fact that I was taking the stairs two at a time last night, and as such, he claimed, doing “half the steps” he was doing.  I maintain that “half the steps, but harder work” meant that I was actually the one doing more.  He disagreed.

I went to my first farmer’s market.  Willingly.  And had a blast as pandemonium (and goats) broke loose.  Read all about that here, or, you know, on national news, apparently.

I also checked out the butterflies thing at the Khron Conservatory over in Cincinnati.  (If you run the Flying Pig, this is where Elvis stands each year).  A bit pricey to stand around and watch kids catch butterflies despite being told not to touch them repeatedly.   But, if you’re into photography, it’s a pretty sweet little thing.  Good luck finding a low-tide visitor time.

Oh!  And my husband got dragged out to another Reds baseball game.  This time his father supplied the tickets…and dahhhhmn were they nice seats.  Despite pulling off some impressive play early in the game, the Reds started loosing after changing out pitchers.  I told my husband that since we’ve been to three games now, this technically makes us fans.

Lastly, I’ve been doing a lot of yard clearing.  Apparently our weed garden actually has strawberries in it!  Who knew?
Ok.  I knew.  Because we planted them when we first moved here, and now they’re growing wherever they want…because… strawberries, man.
And I continue to work on the small home improvement stuff.  Next task is replacing the floor in the second bathroom.  whoohoo?  Eh.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ll figure it out.

I have run a little among all this.  And my tendon has let me know it doesn’t approve.  Yesterday I nailed a 4 mile distance in under 30 minutes – which is pretty sweet and felt awesome to do!  Until a short while after, as I iced my leg.  Meh.  I figure runners like me can track their races based on what injury they had to overcome to get there or get through it.  I’m hoping this clears up quickly so I can work some speed and take on some 5ks.  I want to break up the long distances with some shorter, fun, runs.

If it would only stop raining, I could chuck the bike on the car and hit one of the many bike trails around here to ride for hours.  Alas.  While I’m off work, it will be anything but nice out, I guess.  Isn’t that always the way?

Speaking of work, things don’t look good for having a weekend off in June so I can do a real race for my marathon that month.  So I’ll end up doing a weekday marathon distance on my own, or waiting until the evening to see if any friends will join me for a few loops of distance.

And that’s what’s happening.
What’s happening with you?
Any recommendations on an August or October Marathon?  What’s you’re race plans?
Looking for a group to run a race with?  The Pain By Numbers page (link in the navigation bar) has been updated to include our planned races as a group.



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