Taper Week 3. It’s Marathon Weekend!

I could also title this post: “Shit I did while I wasn’t running”.

Because I ran almost nil this week (when compared to all the other weeks of training since this challenge started.


Monday I took off into the unknown and toured around this area called Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Man.  That was the “Hippiest Place On Earth”.  For real.  Hippies everywhere.  Legit.  Hugging trees, singing to the river, skipping along the road.  It was …  fun to watch.  I basically spent the whole day hiking and taking photos of birds…and the occasional hippie.  I’ll have a post about that all on its own if my card from the camera ever loads into this computer.

Tuesday I struggled with getting up and out, but I managed to meet up with a couple of running friends to cycle about 24 miles.  It was a perfect day for it, perfect weather, and it was a good ride.

My bike likes it fast

And that was all the cardio activity I thought I was going to manage to pull off this week.  But I found an opening in the stormy weather yesterday and got out for 4 fast, and very humid, miles.  I still don’t understand how I’m putting out 7:30 min/miles in training, and then race day comes and my body’s all, “Nope.  You’ll struggle with 9 min miles and take it.”

Today I’ll knock out 30 minutes of “easy” (I hope) running before hopping in a car and heading south for Derby Expo.

Taper weeks are supposed to be about recovery and priming.  You’re supposed to be doing all those things to fix the aches and twinges that you pick up from training, while also doing things to make sure your body is ‘good to go’ for race day.  That’s stuff like drinking tons of water, stretching, foam roller use, massages, easy running and walking, light cross training, and getting plenty of sleep.  I suck at taper.  Even though I only ran twice this week, I have been hiking, doing complex house work, and have no idea where my foam roller is right now.

I’m nervous too, about how this weekend will go.  I have to get it stuck in my mind that I’m not running a marathon, but doing a 50+mile race, with some rest in the middle there.  I can do a marathon…I have been doing them quite successfully for a couple years now.  But this is a whole different animal for me.  This back-to-back will be tough, and I need to get my expectations to a realistic level.  And that’s hard, because I don’t know what that should be.  I’m thinking to adjust expectations to about 5 hours for both marathons, but my Husband pointed out that that kind of time for me is on the boarder of “slow enough it’ll start to hurt” for me.

So: everyone has a sweet-spot, pace-wise.  As you improve, it also improves.  That pace, that you can habitually run without feeling strained?  That’s your sweet-spot.  And you’ll find that you can flux faster to a point and slower to a point.  But there is a ‘too slow’ for you, and it will be uncomfortable for you to keep it that slow, no matter how much you’re suffering.  It’s that point where you know it would be better to walk than to keep pushing that slower pace.

My husband predicts about a 4:30:00 ish time for the second marathon – the Flying Pig.  As for the first one?  It could go anywhere.  But, I’m fairly certain I’m going to end up doing 4 – 4:15hrs.  I’m not so confident that the second one will meet my Husband’s guess.  I’m expecting more like 5 hours on that one… simply for the amount of “wiped out” I expect to feel.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to latch onto my more experienced running friends and ride their energy to the end of both marathons.

Anyone want to grab me at the Pig finish line and carry me to the after-party/burger chow down at Yard House?  Anyone?



2 thoughts on “Taper Week 3. It’s Marathon Weekend!

    1. E. H. Freman

      Thanks for looking the blog up! I hope it keeps you inspired! I’m half way through this huge weekend of back to back marathons, and it was a blast with the running group today.

      I hope you had a good run! I’ll keep an eye out for you among the corrals tomorrow! Enjoy it!


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