Taper Week Roundup 2

It’s only a week to my big challenging weekend.  The Derby Marathon full and the Flying Pig Marathon full back-to-back.  52.4 miles.

I admit to full-blown nerves.

The dreams started last night.  Oddly, they revolved around chatting while running with my friends, who are joining me on this endeavor, and sleeping.  I dreamed that I would be spending a lot of that weekend asleep.

It’s odd to me that I am so tired the last couple of weeks.  I’m sleeping better than ever…but I’m also wearing myself way out.

Which brings us to the workouts of the taper week.

Torch Run (see below).

Monday, while all my talented and impressive running friends were having the time of their lives running Boston, I drove a couple hours out of town for a doughnut.  Because.  Fat.  (Kidding!)

The rest of last week’s runs were scheduled to be moderate 6 mile runs, a little light speed work within, and a long run of only 8 miles.

I’m not too good at following my training schedule.

I did a six mile run that was spot-on to the overall pace of the training plan Tuesday.  It felt good to go out and run that day, if a bit warm.

No calories were harmed in the making of this run.   This is probably why I don’t loose weight….  :-/

Wednesday’s run ended up being an 11.5 mile experience.
Since February I  worked with a planning committee to put together a fund-raising run for the Special Olympics.  There’s a lot of background to this, but usually police officers carry the torch for the Special Olympics and act as honor-givers at the games.  It’s this huge philanthropic thing and I think it’s pretty awesome.  I got tapped to assist, given my connections with the running community in the area, and my experience with program development.  It was an honor, and a HUGE success!

This is one of the local Special Olympians.  These guys lit up like the sun when they saw the group of runners come up the road.  Then they joined us for a short while, acting like the champs they are when they finished their run.  So.  Worth.  It. 


The route was just shy of 6 miles, and my friend Jim wanted more than that.  So we met at the shuttle lot at the finish area of the run and ran to the start area.

It was a warm day and the program did better than expected.  Between the run, the luncheon, donations, and shirt sales, we were able to raise $1,800 to donate to the Special Olympics program.  I was told by the Police Captain in charge of this thing that this was the first year it raised money!  YEAH!  That made me feel great.  Seriously.  Among all the things going on that make me think I’m a failure at all that I do, here is something that I helped make successful!





I felt pretty wiped out after the Special Olympics run, and despite that, started the tedious and difficult work of painting a hallway/stairwell in my home.

Seriously, folks.  This was the most annoying, difficult task….ugh.

I slept so hard that night.

Thursday I was feeling beat and sore, so I took the day off to finish working on painting the house.  And the next thing I knew, I was signing up for a race.
This is how it happens.
You just sit there thinking about upcoming races, and the next thing you know, you’re signing up for something months away…  There is no cure for this.
The conversation with my husband went like this:

Me: “Hey, what do you think of going to Seattle for our “honeymoon mulligan”? You know… In September?”
Husband: “Ohhhh. That sounds good…”
Me: “We could go out, stay a week or so…”
Husband: “Yeah! This sounds great.” Then after a moment of thought. “Whats the race?”
Me: sheepishly, “Beat the Blerch”
Husband: “Oooh. Nice. Lets do it!”.
Me: “Yay! I didn’t mean to interrupt your work… But I was so excited about signing up for it that I couldn’t wait to tell you!”
Husband: “Wait?  You already signed up?”
Me: “Yeah, like two minutes ago. Uh… Minh’s going to do it too!”
Husband: “So… This was more of an ‘asking for forgiveness is easier than asking permission’ thing?”
Me: “You wouldn’t have said no. Besides. I wasn’t asking forgiveness or permission. I only asked if you thought it’d be cool to do our mulligan in Seattle.”
Husband: “I see.”
Me: “It’ll be so much fun!”
Husband, to himself: “I do want to see Seattle”.
Me: “Bonus. Dave Matthews lives there.”
That’s when he made some kind of annoyed sounding groan, so I hugged him and left.

It’s important to have an enabler when you run as much as I do.

Friday I was still wiped out, and slept through the alarm on my phone to miss the group run.  I was obviously tired, but I was hurting too.  I’m feeling sore in the hamstring and lower back again, and it’s worrying me that I’ll be too injured to finish one marathon, let alone both of them this weekend.  I did get out for breakfast with the group, and then stopped at my work office to do some weight lifting.  Its a free gym, what can I say?

Saturday was full of painting the dangerous portion of the stairwell…after running 6 miles.  I’m not that steady on fresh legs…. just saying… I could have died.
My husband came out for the first 3 miles of the run.  Despite only running occasionally every month or so,  he did great and pulled off negative splits.  That jerk.  He would be a natural runner if he decided he wanted to.  I’d wager that if he put a year’s work into it, he’d be faster and better than me.  My 3 on my own were good, but I felt it in the hips.  I guess this last week of taper is going to be focused on the foam roller.

Sunday was an easy 5 miles in the sun.  These last two days have been perfect for running.  This, this is really spring now.  Cool mornings, warm days, cool breezes, and blue skies…Pop up storms…

I’m excited.  Really, really excited about the races coming up.  Its going to be hard.  It’s going to be an adventure.  I’ll have my friends there with me throughout, and I am really looking forward to the accomplishment.  I guess, if all goes okay enough with this weekend, the next big one would have to be an actual 50mile run…  ugh.  I’m going to have to think about that one.

Any tried- and true recovery advice for this weekend?  I need to be back on at least my “b” game for the second marathon day.  I’m figuring I’ll be hopping into the ice bath game for this one.




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