Spring in the River Valley

Its spring.

tulips blooming

I mean.  At least in name, it is.  In weather (high winds, low temps….snow), it’s just another “weather day” in the Ohio River Valley.

I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be running in the ‘perfect’ temperature zone for running during this time of year:  Those temps in the 50s-60s, plenty of sunshine and lovely breezes…  You know?  Where you don’t have to dress in layers to prevent frostbite anymore, but it’s not so hot that you have to make up for clothing weight by carrying more water devices.


Most of this week has been gusting winds, plummeting temperatures, freeze warnings, and plenty of rain and drizzling.  It’s not beautiful.  It’s a lot of ick.


Fountain Square… that’s not rain…that’s fountain water+winds

I know other areas are still getting significant snow… but lets be fair.  When it snows in Colorado, it’s pretty and you know what you’re dealing with.  When it “snows” here, it’s just an excuse for everything to be grey and slushy and more just very, very cold rain that messes everything up without making anything look lovely.  It’s not uplifting.  It’s not worth getting out of bed at 0450AM for.


I guess we can just expect snow in April, since we were in shorts through the end of November and most of December…

I was supposed to get up and run 20 miles today in this nonsense. I have a hard time driving myself to get out of bed when I have cold temperatures and wind to look forward to. I don’t care to run in tights. I don’t like having to layer a whole lot. And I do not tolerate the cold all that well. Less-so, I guess, since I came back from the trip to Florida to run the Jackie’s Run last month. Mentally, I’m ready to be able to step outside in t-shirts and shorts, and only have to worry about my hydration – not how many layers I need and which direction do I want to mess up in? (You know? Overdress and end up carrying clothing, or under-dress and freeze too much?). Mentally, I want the sunny blue skies and just a touch warmer weather. At least upper 40s and mid 50s.


weather like what we had five days ago, actually…

Happy-making weather.  The kind of weather that just makes you smile even when all you can do for most of it is glance out the windows at it.

I could use a bit more happiness introduced into my day-to-day.

I skipped out on my bestest running buddy (again) so I could continue to toss and turn in bed, until I actually managed to fall asleep about two hours after I should have started my run.  Don’t worry.  I was awake again within an hour of that.

 It was a rough evening for me.  I’m facing down a lot of stress and feelings of failure and worthlessness thanks to a bad situation in one area of my life.   I guess a person can only take so much?  It’s really starting to wear me down.

Heh.  “Starting to.”

I have been worn down for quite a while.  This was a storm brewing over 8 years, and the last full year has been a nightmare for me.  With grieving the death of my Mom, and the deaths of two uncles and a mother-in-law;  and never getting a moment to come to terms with those losses – because I’m grieving the death of my hopes, dreams, and goals as well…  I just seem to have run out of “go”.

The not being able to sleep is new.  I’m very worried about my future right now…  and I am dealing with a lot of loss and feeling lost.

I’ve been running pretty well this week, all things considered:  The cold weather.  Motivation so low it’s in the negative numbers.  Rain.  Under-dressing for runs.  This nagging foot injury that still confounds me.

I’ve gotten out for two pretty solid 8-mile runs.  Toward the end of each, the foot pain started, but it didn’t ache or bother during the run before mile 8.  Otherwise, I’ve managed to get an hour’s worth of running in between the various rain storms.  Nothing too exciting with these runs.  The first one, I was under dressed for and kept a pretty even 8-min/mile pace.  The second one was a little bit better, hitting negative splits (on a hilly route) and coming in with an average pace of 7:50min/miles.


pretty accurate for how I feel lately

Aside from the feeling of not wanting to go out for the run in the first place (Yeah, I keep committing that mistake of thinking about how long 20 miles really is), I feel good in my running.  I just need to get over this hump.  And I will be completely honest.  I’m heavily relying on the weather to give me that push over that I need…and spring in this town is really failing me in this.

Ah, look at that….  It just started snowing.  Weeee!

This weather is dumb.  Being injured is dumb.
But hey!  Only a couple more weeks to the back-to-back marathons!  Lets see what I’ve really got in me!  I’m actually excited about that.  It’ll be a struggle, but I know how to handle that kind of fight.  And!  Best of all.   My friends will be there with me!

I hope all your running is going well (And I very much hope it’s all injury free!)



PS>  I promise I am fine.  Just sad.  And unmotivated.  It’ll pass…hopefully next week, when we’re in the 70s for weather.  It’s already sort of passed now, as I gear up to spend a weekend running around with my Husband.  So, be cool.  And let me know if you wanna go for a run!  Because some company and a not-so-early start are usually far more agreeable.  🙂



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