Lost and found

Only in running shoes have I ever been both lost and found in the same moment….

Where do you go when you feel lost, and desperately want to be “found” again?


I go to the roads…  The trails…  The trees…   I lose myself physically in the geography.  And in between the deep, gasping breaths and the beats of my heart – in rhythm with my footfalls…

Among the sights, the sounds, the animals…

 And the conscious decision to believe, “it will be okay; it will work out and you’ll get back okay”…

I am no longer lost.  I know the direction…

 It is forward.   No matter the obstacle.

  No matter.  

No matter.

You will never be found if you never get lost.


2 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. Nancy Schurter Eickman

    Em, the past month I’ve been lost trying to find the new me through yet more migraines, only different now. I am fighting depression and pain everyday. What you wrote was perfect and inspiring for me. I am still searching for the new me, but now I don’t feel as bad being lost. Thanks, Nancy


    1. E. H. Freman

      You have a helluva battle on your hands, I’m glad I could inspire in some way. I’m still here for you, despite the epic BS I’m forced to drown in right now.


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