Running on injured

I went out for my first run since doing the Asheville marathon followed by jackie’s run (nearly marathon distance) within a week of each other. 

Both pairs of my running shoes are covered in sand… Inside and out…  
Running felt good, only a minor ache from my foot a little into it, but I ran faster and it went away. It felt good to run a little faster. I wish I could run faster more often without the resounding risk of injury. It sucks being injury prone. 

Now my foot is feeling a little tight across the top. No idea if this is tendonitis or the start of a stress fracture (thanks for getting inside my head Lisa… :-/ ). A whole week off running, and it still hurts… Its better, but not gone.  

Anyone else in a constant cycle of running injuries? Is it really just me?


4 thoughts on “Running on injured

  1. Hello. My name is Karen…and I’m injury prone. Tore my hip labrum back in February last year. Had to take a year off. Completely. Tried to come back…stress fracture. So…just be careful. Listen to that body. It’s often trying to tell you something. Slow down if you need to. Take the time off if you need to. I’d rather have a lifetime of running than do something that prevents me from doing what I love. A year was a year too long.


    1. E. H. Freman

      Yeah. Solid advice. I keep thinking of this quote from c.s. Lewis, “if humans could run without growing tired, I expect they would never stop”. I feel that way about running injuries. Good luck with your recovery and come back

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