The injured ones

 Let’s all have a moment of silence for those poor, hobbling injured runners out there…


I really cant say it better than this…
I may be among thier ranks, at this point…   The top of my left foot started hurting early on during the Jackie’s Run last Friday, and though I’m no longer limping quite as profusely, I still feel the tinged of sharp pain when I’m moving it.  Shhh!   No one say the “stress-“word.  I’m just going to see along and ice it until it either persists so long that I have to see a dr about it, or it goes away.  Friday will certainly be a test run on it.  Right now, 4 days after doing essentially two marathons in a week, I don’t feel any drive to really get out and run.  I’ll likely bike today on the trainer and watch some bad Kung fu movies.


I mean, that just shows how much my husband loves me that he would buy one of those 12-movies on one disc sets that you just know means every movie on there is so ridiculously bad…  And you know only a die-hard fan of that genre would even look at it.  I watch one of those terrible movies every time I ride the bike on the trainer in the family room.  And it’s dangerous!  I’ve almost laughed myself off the bike three times.  

All right.  Time to hobble around the house finishing chores and then onto the bike to go no where fast!


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