The post-marathon run

So the legs still ache some…  That left hip still feels a little uncomfortable as you swing that leg forward for each step.  

It’s the first run after the marathon.  Some people go out immediately…like, within hours, and run again after a race.   Some people are able to go out the very next day and knock some easy miles out.   One of my friends is so freaking brilliant, that she can knock out 80-90 miles in a race, will have run to the point that she no longer can run anymore – and I think, “surly she’s hurt, she’ll be off for a couple days at least” and yet…   And yet, she goes out the next day for a short run and feels brilliant.  

Some other runners don’t stop running after the marathon.  They ran to the race as a warm up, raced the 26.2 like it were more or less a 10k for mere mortals, and then they take off on the rest of thier run, medal tucked in thier long-run pack… Along with half a dozen burgers and three changes of clothes.  I mean, I think that’s what’s in the packs… I don’t know.  After all, I’m no where near that last type of runner.

I need some time off after a marathon.  At least a couple days.  And I need easy running after…a week of not caring about the distace or the pace or the destination.  Just running to be running.  Marathons are hard to me.  At mile 24 of the Asheville Marathon last weekend, I commented to my new friend, Antony, that I wished the marathon would get easier for me.  Antony laughed at me and told me that if I figured that secret out, I should teach it to him.  I’m still waiting for some guru to teach it to me!  

Until they become easy, however, for me the marathon will be the great humbler. Some times I can run it in a respectable time (I’m not an elite…for me respectable is sub four hours….and I’ll remind readers that I still have not made my Boston qualification time of 3:35:00) and I feel like I could keep going, at least a few more miles easily.  And I could do the same effort and I’ll come off the course so tweaked or hurting and couldn’t run another step for about a week.  

So I take a couple days to recover.  I’m injury prone….or have been…and I prefer to be able to run “forever”, rather than try to run too soon after the marathon.  

This all becomes moot at the end of April, when I, along with some particularly crazy friends fro the running group, will do the Derby Marathon in Kentucky.  

Oh, what? Just the marathon? What’s so crazy about that? 

The crazy, for me, is that the very next day, Sunday May 1st, we will run the Flying Pig marathon.  


A full marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday.  52.4 miles total, over two days.


pain by numbers “Derby-Pig challenge” logo
I’m sure there ar ultra runners out there who scoff at the ease of this challenge.  I’m sure someone will say that that’s a big rest between the two.  That someone is not me.  Remember?  I’m injury prone.  I need two days of rest before I feel safe running any distance again.  

What have I done?  

How long do you recover after a major distance race?

Any thoughts on how I can prep for this back-to-back marathon challenge?  Because, when I look that up on google…the articles all consider back-to-back to mean..uh….with a week or two or six between each race.  Because…I guess…no one is stupid enough to do two marathons in one weekend….  No one, that is, except me and seven lovely brave souls from a running group that lives up to its name: Pain By Numbers.


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