Another 60 minutes in the Sun

Its another beautiful running week around my hometown.

Apparently I’m no longer one of only three runners in the subdivision… I’ve now spotted at least two new runners out here.  I call them, “happy to see everyone dude” and his polar opposite “Mr Never Waves”.    Unlike some people, from what I can tell, I don’t get bothered about another runner not waving back or saying hi.  The few times that happens are so far apart that I don’t let it dampen the positive phenomena that is running culture.   Its like that thing that happens when you’re on a boat in a lake.  Everyone waves to everyone.  Maybe it’s the sunlight and fresh air…  people getting high on existing.


With deep blue skies and bright sunlight, I hit the country roads near me and did a lovely loop through the trails of the park near-by.  I…  I think this is what happiness feels like.  I smiled into the sunlight and ran like this was the first run I’ve ever gone on.  I explored, and paused in the sunlight.  I realized two things.  First.  Man, I’m so pale you could direct air traffic control with the light reflecting off my post-winter limbs.  Second.  My Irish genetics make me…essentially… a vampire.  The sun, for all it’s warmth and happy – bringing, is the enemy.  Alas. Despite lathering up with sunscreen, I, dear reader, have my first sun burn of 2016.

irish girl sunbathing.jpg

My husband is not sympathetic.  Apparently you can tell where my reach ends on my back… because there’s a perfect outline of my fingers among the burn/not burn boarder.  He won’t stop laughing about it.  :-/   Seriously dude.  At least rub the “after-sun-anti-aging-oh-my-gawd-this-chick-is-SO-Irish” aloe lotion in while you giggle.  Men.

Marathon #3 of 2016 is in about three days, and I’m excited.  As usual, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll finish…  it’s just the question of how fast or how well I will do so.  I’m hoping that I’ll make a couple friends in my pace range at the start and we’ll just go out and have a blast…  that would be the best, I think.  I feel like my speed has slipped off and my legs are pretty heavy / beat, but I’m not sure what to do to fix it.  Rest hasn’t been a problem the last couple of weeks during this taper.  Running has.  Running motivation.  But that seems to be fixed now, with the spring weather.  Yesterday, my 45 minute “easy” run became a 31minute 4 mile “all out” for the last two miles.  Not bad considering the first mile was in the 9’s.

Hmmm.  Marathon #3 in 2016.  Asheville Marathon will actually mark my 15th marathon, I think.  (Count not including the ultras).  In April I’ll run the Derby Marathon followed the next day by the Flying Pig Marathon… which…  Is going to be such an epic challenge!  I’m excited to see how they both go!  I’m excited to see how I do!

I’ll check in with updates from Asheville and my “posh” weekend.  Haha.  “posh” is what happens when you neglect to get your hotel room figured out early enough, and you end up staying in the expensive place at the start line…  Ooops.  I explained to my husband that it was an accident…

I.  Am.  Excited!    And still only a little bit burnt.


6 thoughts on “Another 60 minutes in the Sun

      1. Worth it? Sheesh. What makes something worth it to you?
        A club? Meeting people at races? The registration discounts? I’ve paid for my membership in the discounts, travel to races with other maniacs (cheaper room splitting!), etc.
        But, whatever. Do your thing!


      2. It’s not the “club” that gives discounts, the races give codes to the Maniacs because they know Maniacs draw big numbers.

        It’s a friendly group, and the lifetime membership is about $100. Otherwise maybe $25 a year? not sure. But, worth it for the comraderie, friends, discounts, blah, blah.


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