Running the Wilds and Spreading Good Vibes

The false-warm sun and the blue, blue sky called to me all throughout the work day.  I had to go to the woods.

Typical spring weather of my area still has us getting dumped on by snow one day, and then sweating things out in the upper 60s only a couple days later.  Yes.  Still.  The ground is nothing but mud… but the sky has been so beautiful.
Running on the soft ground and the mud eased my tired legs.  And the beauty of the trail made me feel so damn happy.  With the slick mud and deep soggy spots, I was able to give myself permission to just take it easy and enjoy the moment.

Being on the trails was fun.  It was a nice little step away from everything else.  I have never run those trails it was 100% an adventure.  A fellow blogger warned that there was going to be a hill or two on the Asheville Marathon (A week away now!)…  I’m not scared of hills.  We have a few of our own down here.

What is it about trail hills that makes them harder than road hills?

It was lovely…So, so, very lovely…but it was also lonely.

I couldn’t help but imagine how much fun this gorgeous day would’ve been with my running group friends on this trail with me.  A couple of years ago, I headed up a bunch of trail running meet-ups for the group, and we had so much fun exploring the parks.  Once, we followed some deer track up and out of the park and into some lady’s back yard…and she was sitting out there playing guitar.  She sang a lovely song for us, a few of the group sang along with her.  We took a photo together and I sent it to her in an email.  Her response was so lovely…


The honor and pleasure was mine!  I had been playing to help ease some sadness and you brought joy into the moment and filled my heart with a big smile.
Thank you for the warmth and kindness, and the picture by which to remember 🙂
Be well,


We never really realize the lives we touch as runners.  Some of us run for charities or try to support races that give back to the community…but we don’t really see the impact we have just by our consistency.  By being that person that is out running and showing their community that there’s more to the journey than the destination.  We don’t see the people we give hope to.  We don’t know the story behind the people who stand all alone in front of their home during a race – clapping and smiling, but so clearly not attached in any personal way to the race beyond living right there.

On the Flying Pig course, toward the end of the full route, there’s an older man who dresses up in a white suit and hat.  He stands alone in front of what must be his home, and he plays chariots of fire on repeat from a stereo while he claps and cheers the runners on.  Some people stop to shake his hand.  But he looks like he’s enjoying the race more than anyone running it.

Even when you don’t think about it, you have the power to affect others positively.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

Yeah…  I got away from the trail running part of this post… but I think that point about touching lives is more important.  Who would expect to bring so much joy to a random stranger after popping out of the trees into her private back yard.  We invaded her life, but touched her world in such a nice way.  Just as she did for us, as she dedicated the song to us.

My trail run came to an end at a stream that I absolutely was not going to try and cross…  one foot was already squishing out brown water with each step…  I cut a path to the roadway and jogged down the center of the asphalt.  The road was all mine.  And this was a wonderfully peaceful thought as well.  The park was closed…the roads were gated… Sure, there was a couple on bikes that passed me early on, otherwise… it was quiet and calm.  A hawk swooped from the trees on the woods side, glided above me and along the road before turning toward the lake.

Life felt whole.

In a week I go to the Biltmore Estate to run the Asheville Marathon.  I’m looking forward to it – I’ve heard it’s beautiful.  I don’t know how I ‘ll do…if I’m ready for another marathon…  I don’t really know if I’m excited to run.   But I am excited to be there.



Any advice for dealing with a motivation black hole?


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