I have some updated information I’d like to share woth regards to a couple of recent posts.  

First: on my recap of the NKU Labor of Love race, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure what place Paul and I came in.  Paul updated me a couple days ago: “we took first!”   I guess the two people tied together ahead of us were in a different cateogory. So, yay!   

 Winners!  Hahaha

Second: Yesterday I recieved a card from the Pistol Ultra – the 50k, turned 55k I ran at the start of the year.  In my recap I noted my annoyance, not for the extra mileage, but for the constant denial of the distance from the race volunteers. This card, and the sticker they sent with it, shows true class and real race direction gold on the part of this organization.   

 It has everything – especially some humor.  This, readers, is what a race that cares about its participants looks like. 

Well played, Pistol Ultra….  Well played.  You are great, as usual. 
You may now return to your regularly scheduled internet browsing. 


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