Back to It.

This week begins, officially I guess, my training for the next race.  On paper, I’ve got the Asheville Marathon in March, but I wanted to challenge myself to doing a marathon every month for the year, so in about four weeks (kinda less now, honestly) I’ll have to run 26.2miles, followed three(ish) weeks later by Asheville.  I’m not too sure if I’m going to stick with the marathon-a-month plan.  I’m still battling this hamstring injury and the back issues – I’ve been doing some PT to strengthen the glutes and get them working like they should be, and hopefully I’m doing them right.  There’s a snafu with my insurance this year, since I hopped onto my husband’s, and the insurance company swears I do not exist right now.  Until that’s cleared up, I can’t really go see a physical therapist or doctor…  oh, life.


I see so many sunrises now!
 I’m also still adjusting to my new shift.  The morning shift, coming from the evening-to-night shift… It feels a bit like being jet-lagged, really.  The waking up gets tough as the week goes on, and its like I want nothing more than to just sleep some times.   

 I get home in the early afternoon and have no idea what I’m supposed to do with myself until my husband gets home.  I’m sure I’ll get it figured out, but for now, its just… weird.

This group I work with now is huge on physical fitness – but only as it pertains to weight lifting / body building… they get their cardio through doing the cross-fit style stuff really, really fast.  


these guys are actually pretty impressive
Its “highly recommended” that we all workout together.  I’m not knocking that – in fact… I kinda love it.  It’s probably the first thing I love about my work in the last few years.  I get to be “part of the team” and they learned that there’s more to my physical fitness than some long-distance cardio ability.  Our first group workout last week was a pretty intense “10 rounds of 10 each: pullups, dips, squats, situps”.  Followed by what my boss called the “bonus workout”: 1min by 1 min sprinting on the treadmill with incline and box jumps.  Luckily, the guys weren’t that far ahead of me on these particular movements and I held my own with them.  One guy had to take a break to lose his lunch (I guess Chipolte before these workouts is a bad idea), and another guy kept having to take a knee, looking pale as hell.  The sprints were like a break for me, and the box jumps were quite doable.  Like I said, I held my own, and that apparently left a good impression on one of them at least. 
does this workout make me look sexy?
These workouts are hard.  And doing them at a fast pace is part of the hard.  

here’s an example of yesterday’s workout…
  But I’m finding that despite the soreness (seriously, it’s as bad as “first time running a marathon” sore.  I had trouble with steps after the first workout….STEPS!  I didn’t have that after my 55K at the start of the month!), it really seems to be helping my lingering injuries.  The back pain and the hamstring pain have significantly decreased in their intensity since that first workout last week.  So I’m keeping with it, even though we all haven’t worked out together since that first one.  Though, to be honest, getting back into the distance running in addition to these workouts makes for a long workout after work.

In all, I’m feeling good right now.  The running is starting to come back to me again, and I’m excited to see if this means my motivation has come back…  I have a feeling I’ll be running 16 miles in the snow this weekend, so some motivation will come in handy.  

Bonus!  Since I now wake up around 0430AM, I’m able to actually get up and run with my running group!  



2 thoughts on “Back to It.

  1. I’m a fan of your new schedule! You get to work out with a group, get to see PBN, AND make sammiches for dinner! It seems great!
    Afternoons? take a short nap? Walk the dog? Read? Relax? Plan races? Start a new hobby? 🙂


    1. E. H. Freman

      haha. Kyle is loving this. I think the last five days all I’ve heard is “I like coming home to you”. Maybe he’ll be inspired to get a job that pays what our incomes combined are right now and I can be a mostly work from home something or other. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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