1 Day to Start Line

As I write my husband and I are traveling to the expo for the Pistol Ultra in Alcoa, TN.

I’m excited.  Really, really excited.

First off.  This is like the first time we’ve seen sun in our region for like…a hundred years.  Yes.  For real, though, its been cloudy and raining pretty non-stop for three weeks.  Today, I woke up to the sun.

Secondly?  So many friends are going to this with me!  I loved seeing my friend “Pink” during each lap as she worked toward her 100 mile goal.  This year I’ll get to see five or six of my friends over and over.  Bonus, I’m pretty sure the friends I made last year will be there again this year.

I’m also super concerned and nervous.  

My last three weeks have been terrible for training.  I had that DNF in the full marathon I was using as a long training run…  Then I had a bought of debilitating plantar fasciitis, which prevented walking for a week – running was dead out.  I biked instead, but wasn’t sure it was prepping the right muscles.  Then, once I got my foot to where I could run without pain, the back pain from a couple months ago started up again.

I’m not sure how things will go tomorrow.  But I’m hopeful.  I have this terrible competitiveness that has me wanting to do the same or better than last year’s race.  That means running 4hrs34minutes or better and getting my feet on that damn podium again.

But really.  In my heart, I just want to run this and have fun and not suffer from all my injuries.  I wasn’t expecting such an outstanding result last year… and at that time ALL of my training was going right.  This year, my training was going fast.  Really well, and at the paces I would need to hit a BQ marathon, if only I could have pulled it off longer.  Probably why I have the injuries now.

Wish me luck.



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