Miles of hills for Thanksgiving

 It seems to be an expected truth that 90%  of runners are going to run something on Thanksgiving.  There are plenty of options, during this long weekend, to get some race time in for everyone, even the “I’m not a runner, but my family does this race every year…I just walk it” crowd.

I developed a hate for our local Thanksgiving Day 10k – which is 106 years in the making…

Yes.  Hate.

My problems with the race are my own.  I don’t want to bash any races on this, so i will keep those reasons to myself. 

I ran on my own.

A four mile jaunt on my favorite subdivision hill that found me in negative splits and cursing the pre-run bacon.  Turns out my pace might have played more of a role in the hurt than the bacon.

It was fun.  It was quiet.  I didn’t risk rolling an ankle while tripping over thousands of people.  I waved at neighbors.  I got cheered on by a woman walking a dog.  It.  Was.  Lovely.



I did my long run for the week the day before.  It was 16 miles of exploration of hills on the two-lane roads that surround my home.

Like last week, this was my day off, and I wanted to have as much time as possible to enjoy the run.  Turned out that was a great idea, because despite a physical running time of 2:20-something, it took me all of 3.5 hours to actually do the run.  I had a couple of long stops in there… feeling weak and tired. Not so much sore, but just worn down.  At one point I stopped into a groomer’s shop to refill on water.  The hills were really beating me up, and I was running new portions of the route – which involved even more hills.  The weather had gotten very warm, and I was far over-dressed.

The day before my long run, I headed out for a 90 minute run, nailing a little over 11 miles in that distance on some rolling country roads and our freshly minted four miles of four lane roadway…

 Nothing as remotely steep as what I would do on my 16 mile run, but I was taking it at a more involved pace.  I mean, i think i was…  My Garmin dropped satellite at mile 4-ish and didnt provide much help after that for the rest of my run.

You’ll notice a lot of blue skies.  The days were beautiful for running this week.

Black Friday I ran a super-easy paced, “goofing around” run with my running group.  We ducked through alleyways in the City, ran to a couple of iconic locales,

 and hoofed it across the bridge back to our meet-up spot and breakfast location.  Everything is starting to doll-up for Christmas.  The ice-skating rink is up in Fountain Square, Santa was expected to helicopter into the Museum Center at noon…all around wreaths and lights were going up.  At least they waited until after one holiday to start the next…

Here’s hoping you’ve still got some wonderful running weather!  At least, some wonderful running.
Run Happy!


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