24 miles in November

Yesterday was my regular off day for the week, and knowing that I had to hit about 24 miles as my long run for this week of training I wanted to try and get the longer run completed on a day when I would have “all the time in the world”.  I don’t know, to me it feels less stressful being able to run without worrying about getting to work on time after or being somewhere at such and such time.

I set out around lunch time, hoping to miss the rain.  It drizzled all morning and was gray all day.  Truly a November day, what with all the bare trees, gray skies, and Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving.

My neighbors probably think I’m bonkers.  Most of them having watched me do multiple loops of cul du sacs for about an hour before leaving our island of subdivision for the vast expanse of country roads that make up my part of town.


I had a lovely, if mostly uneventful run on the back roads.  Some people cheered for me on the hill climbs in front of their homes.  One lady with young kids gave me some stink eye as I paced in front of her home while eating a gu.  And one notable hateful woman drive right at me, blaring her horn and driving me off the roadway into the ditch.  I don’t know why people get so hateful – its not like there was no room on the roadway, and there were no other cars around.  I guess it was my fault for being brightly dressed, obeying pedestrian road laws, and not being in a car myself.

In all.  It was wonderful.  And not once did I think, “I can’t do this.  Its just too much distance”.     SO why do I think that during marathons!?  Hell, the run was going so well that I considered hitting two more miles to get a full marathon in!

I guess this just shows that if you do your thing and enjoy yourself, you can go as far as you want.


2 thoughts on “24 miles in November

  1. I’m reading a book written by Dean Karnazes, “Run”. In his very first chapter he tells of a couple of stories of receiving the same response as a runner. People that get angry about his running. He doesnt know why they are getting angry, but they show the same distaste you experienced. Maybe it’s because they (the angry people) are thinking to themselves, “I need to get out there and get back into shape”. But they are not doing it and so it makes them angry… Or not. Be careful out there. MC


    1. E-Lei Freman

      Hey, thanks for reading!

      I read that book too. I don’t know what it is…. entitlement for cars on the road? Annoyance for a minor inconvenience that isn’t really one? A despirate subconcious need to get healthy and feeling guilty? Who knows…. Some times, I think, people just feel hateful. I know I have days where I feel hateful about things.

      Have a good day!

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