A Day in the Fall

Its recovery day for me here in the world.

Post-marathon worst nightmare

Yesterday I ran the 40th Marine Corps Marathon.  I had an excellent first half… I even was on PR-breaking pace.  But, like they usually do, things came crashing down.  I know what  I did wrong.

1.  Poor training season (I had my Mom spend time in and out of the hospital until she died…  her death, two weeks after my wedding, wasn’t unexpected, but it still hurt),
2.  Lack of training at the level I needed to be at for the PR attempt (I refer above),
3.  I was an idiot and, although it felt amazing at the time, running super fast times at the Bourbon Chase a week before attempting PR times at a marathon is a bad strategy (For injury-prone me, at least).
4.  Poor choice of shoes.  I wore a newer pair.  They were field tested, yes, but not at the long distances.  I think the longest I put in them was about 8 miles.  26.2 was too much, and my muscles and ankles took the beating for it.
5.  High stress from work, which was compounded by false accusations on the day before I left for D.C.
6.  And poor sleep the days leading up to race day (Because, although I am working on it, and getting better, I do have a serious problem just letting things go.  Especially when I feel wronged and hopeless).

Hopeless is not a good emotion to go into a marathon with.

I’ll have a recap of the race – which was a good one, though not at all to the level I actually expected.  Today’s post is about my recovery day.  I’m pretty sore and beat up…walking is a bit hard, but I need to do it.  So I took the pup, Dante the Dog (He’s world famous in Cincinnati), for a walk in a new to him park.  He’s a cheeseball and knows a photo op when he smells it.

The trees are changing color here, and the sun is rising at just the right angle now that it hits the world and the color just… pops.  Wonderful.

Eden Park is a wonderful overlook, and, up those stairs in the first photo is more overlook and park.  I guess they’re working on the ponds, since the water was all drained out.  Want to see this park?  Come visit Cincinnati!  Even better, come run the Flying Pig half or full marathon.  It passes right through here.

I hate to have to say it, but it’s not legal unless it’s put there:  All photos are copyright folks, and these are property of me.  Wanna use or buy one?  Hey, drop me a note.  We can chat.  🙂



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