Hey There!

Well. Here’s me trying to re-start my last running related blog.

I’m a runner and photographer, and a member of a great little running group that really taught me not only how to really run a race, but how to enjoy the heck out of running and training.

I’ll share adventures from my runs, stories, and some race reviews.

Join me as I struggle with getting my ass through a marathon fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon, challenge myself to survive running a marathon distance (or better) per month in 2016, and generally try to share the love of bring on a good run!

Now, I’m not an elite runner.  I’m not bad at it, in fact, I’ve got about 8 years worth of running behind me.  Yeah, just 8.  In the beginning I ran to pass a physical fitness test so I could get into my career field.  After that, and with some not-so-gentle encouragement from a retired marine, I entered my first half marathon.  From then forward, I joined a running group and the addiction to the run grew.

I have 12 marathons in my background, probably 10 half marathons, 1 50K, and countless 1 mile to 10k distances.

And, yeah, so… that’s me!


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